Be the Flower

Flowers and weeds. Both of them strong enough to surpass the many levels of dirt and rock, and in many ways are similar in composition, yet- the two are so different. Unlike weeds, flowers don’t stop once they reach the air. Flowers keep growing. Getting past the dirt and rock was just the beginning.  They form petals and attract attention, they bring happiness and joy. Weeds- weeds reach the outside world and just stop. They settle on the ground, get stepped on, and expand their roots in the dirt, the very thing they worked so hard to surpass. Just because you’ve gone through something rough, it does not mean that the end is the end. You see, the end is just the beginning. You can dwell on the unfortunate hand life sometimes hands you, you can expand your roots in the dirt, and you can continue to be ignored, stepped on, and irrelevant. But you’re not a weed. You’re a flower. You can come out of whatever it is that has been in your way and you can not only surpass it, but you can thrive from it. You can look towards the sun and make the conscious decision to grow, to be stronger, to be acknowledged and appreciated, radiate happiness and joy. You are not a weed, you are a flower. Life is hard, but it is also really, really beautiful. If you can take the negative out of any situation, no matter how big or how small, and use it to grow petals, then you’re making a conscious decision to choose happiness, to enhance the world around you and demand attention.


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