Single Gals Guide to Living Alone

So I’ve decided to do a series of posts about living alone because there was a lot I didn’t know before moving alone into a one bedroom, and I feel like sharing my lessons may help others- or at least I know that I would have liked to stumble along some kind of mini road map to help guide me through a step in taking control of adulthood.

You learn a lot when you move into a dorm and all that good stuff, but living completely alone is a whole other ball park- SO, here’s my first post/pro tip-

Paying Rent

A total drag, right? There are many beauties about living alone, one of them just so happens to be not having to worry or chase someone about paying their fair share so that you have a place to lay your head at night. I could go on and on- no really- I totally could, but the lesson! right, the lesson.

Set up direct deposit. Set up direct deposit. Set up direct deposit. Set up direct deposit. Hey! Did I mention setting up direct deposit?

Having your rent on direct deposit is great because you never have to worry about having it in on time or the forgetting to pay it. For one, I don’t know about y’all, but writing checks- specifically in larger amounts such as for things like rent- are physically painful for me! Like here I am, reminding myself that this money is going to be sucked out of my account- every month- for a long time. I mean I obviously know that it’s what I work for and am happy that I have the means to pay it, but theres something about taking a pen to paper, tearing off the check and sticking it in an envelope that stings. Having direct deposit really eases that pain haha. I mean of course you can log into your bank account and see that it was sucked out, but when you see it, it’s less pain and more of a sense of accomplishment. You see that bank?? Huh- yeah, that right- RENT! That just came out of my account- because I’m an adult and this is what adults do- pay rent, on time, consistently. Not to say that if you can’t make rent you’re any less, because believe me, i’ve been in tough situations as well, but just trust me- direct deposit all the way.

When you go to sign your lease, ask your property manager about direct deposit and they should be able to get you all the info. My property manager emailed me the link to the website specifically for the management company and I completed it that way. I know that some management companies go directly through banks, so just ask. Make sure you set the date for payment a little bit before the actual due date of your rent so that the bank and company have time to process the payment. If you set it up on the day that rent is actually due, you could be accidentally screwing yourself and end up having to pay avoidable fees/ having to make what I would imagine to be annoying semi awkward phone calls to your bank and property manager. 

One last thing about direct deposit- Your landlords will like you right off the bat. This counts, trust me- just hear me out and keep reading. Put yourself in their shoes- if someone mentioned setting up a way to pay something automatically every month and you knew that there were slim chances of having to manage and chase them for rent, wouldn’t you be happy? Again, not everybody can do this and I completely understand hardship, but if you can, then just do it. (*Looks around for sponsorship from Nike*)

When my ac broke, guess who had someone at her place the next morning? The seal on the inside of my stove is worn, can you take a look? Got a new stove. I saw a roach, can you call someone to spray my apt and cover the cost? Awesome, thanks. Time to renew my lease.. others in my building had an increase in price.. me? same rate *heyoooo! The point I’m trying to make is that if you’re halfway decent to people and have your shit together, they’re going to be more inclined to help you out and get things promptly taken care of for you because they know you hold value as a tenant.

Sometimes the world isn’t so forgiving and learning lessons can be more painful than need be at times. There are a lot of things that people don’t tell or explain to you, and i’m not about trying to spend $15+ dollars at Barnes and Noble buying one of those “—- Guide for Dummies” books. The truth of the matter is that you’re by no means a dummy, you’re a work in progress, just like a lot of us. I hope that this post was somewhat beneficial and that you were able to take away something.

Thank you for reading!


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