Free Wifi: A True and Heartfelt Piece from a Stingy Millennial

Free Wifi: Two words, 8 letters, an endless supply of smiles.

Living alone can be pretty expensive and things add up fast. I mean let’s be real here- does everybody really need their own wifi network?? Yeah no didn’t think so. Here is how I got free wifi: *Que intro to inspiring Coldplay song*

When I first moved in to my apartment I met a guy who lived in the unit just a couple doors down. Within the first few hours of moving in, I checked network connections around me to hopefully luck out with connecting to a network with no password key in place- HAHAHA what a joke- a wifi network with no password needed? I mean miracles happen everyday, but it would have probably taken more than a miracle for that to happen. Whatever, points for my optimism??? Moving on.

I knew what I had to do, but I didn’t want to just ask some guy I met for favors- Like hi, i just met you but hook me up with that wifi password!! Oh by the way, can you come vacuum and do my dishes while you’re at?? Thanks, you’re a doll. Ah, don’t get me wrong, I can be forward, but theres a fine line between being forward and just downright rude and entitled. I decided to wait a couple of weeks and let a few more subtle interactions occur before bringing up the whole wifi thing, ya know?

One day I decided to just casually bring it up- I mean I obviously offered to pay for half of it  because even paying half would be better than paying the full amount, but it turns out that he told me I could get on it for free, so thats awesome. Sometimes I would bring him food every now and then just to say thanks and everything.

Fast forward a year- my neighbor is moving- noooooo!!! *Que heavy, dramatic violin part in some inspiring Coldplay song*

I had to do something, how could this be happening to me, I had gotten so accustomed to having free wifi, the thought of actually having to pay for it made even my wallet twitch.

The only other person I know in my relatively small building lives above me. I thought back to the interactions we had shared. Were they strong enough to share a connection strong enough to hold a steady wifi connection?? I searched my phone for his number. Shit. I had recently gone on a deleting spree, forgot his name and sure as hell couldn’t place it in the heat of a careless “i’ll probably never talk to you again” mindset. UGH, I’m an idiot- i hardly ever saw him in passing. Not good, not good.

By the Grace of God, I ran into him. After small talk, I cut to the chase. Wifi or na? Of course I offered to pay for half of it, but I was again offered it for free *ugh so grateful for nice and decent people* It actually got a little awkward when he asked me to text him for the network info because I had to totally downplay the fact that I no longer was in possession of his number- Like uh yeah ha uh um let me make sure I have your number uh um even though we have uh um er texted once or twice before- ha ha *looks around nervously* The good news is that he had already agreed to let me use his network, so heyo!  He jokingly called my bluff, which by the way, was scary true to his account of what had probably happened.

Quick and Easy Steps to Getting Free Wifi

  1. Don’t ask like right after meeting your neighbors, wait it out for a couple of weeks
  2. You’re asking, not telling- so know that no can be an answer
  3. Always offer to help pay for it- like I said, even paying half would be better than paying the whole thing

Thanks for reading my post (written on free wifi of course)

I hope that this helps some of you save money and who knows, even maybe make a couple of friends at your new (or old) place 🙂





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