Netflix Recommendations  

I love Netflix, I just don’t give all that much time to it. Well, here I am on a Friday night- trying to get in some form of lazy relaxation as I recooperate from the past crazy week.

Here are my Netflix Reccomendations:

1. No Tomorrow

It’s pretty much a show about a girl who falls in love with this guy who is convinced there is only a year left until the world ends. The show follows the two as they cross off things on their bucket list. The guy is super attractive and has a crazy hot accent (which always helps). The lead main for the girl is super quirky and adorable. The two personalities really compliment one another. It’s a light watch that covers some pretty deep core concepts about life and making the most of it.

Y o u w i l l l o v e i t

2. The Kindness Diaries

The show is a documentary that follows this British guy all over the world. He travels around the world via free favors from those willing to help. The host ends up giving to those who have helped him, which is heartwarming. I really liked the show because it told the stories of people from all over. The footage in the series gave you a real feel for the good in people.

W o r t h w a t c h i n g

So, those are my reccomendations! If anyone ends up watching the shows, I would love to hear your opinion!


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