Girl Boss

I should have read this book a long time ago. Being the stingy person I am, I just couldn’t find it in myself to spend 20 bucks on a book. Hell, even for the books I actually need, like you know, the ones for school- I will do just about anything to not dole out the money.. even for used ones *sigh*.  I (would/still try to) go to the bookstore and take pictures of the pages I need to use. I hate those stupid access codes professors make you buy because there is literally no way around buying them.  Sometimes ya can’t win. Take what you can get.


When I saw that Amazon was selling Girl Boss, you know, the story of Sophia Amoruso, for $6.49 I had to snag it. It was one of the better decisions I’ve made this past week, trust me.

I’ve never been an avid reader. I work full time and take college courses online in my off time. Reading for fun? HA yeah no. This book was an exception. I read the damn thing in 2 days. What’s coursework anyways right?? Eek.

If you’re tired, and in the need for some inspiration- then go to Amazon right now.

I’m assuming the book is on sale because of the bankruptcy Nasty Gal filed for, but it doesn’t change the validity and lessons the book has to offer. After looking at LinkedIn, I can tell you that the bankruptcy of the company is not the end of it, just a new beginning.

Go open a bottle of Chardonnay, plop down on your couch or bed, and get to reading!

You won’t regret it, promise.


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